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Scams and Scam Brokers in Binary Options

Posted by on Nov 11, 2015 in Binary Brokers, Finance |

Scams and Scam Brokers in Binary Options

Binary options are a specific kind of security where the payout depends on a yes/no proposition. For example, when you’re trading binary options, you are betting that the price of the asset will rise or fall beyond a specified amount. This kind of option has an all or nothing payout, where if you win, you get a pre-determined amount and if you lose, you lose your invested amount.

Some of these binary options are traded under the watchful eye of government regulatory bodies inside registered exchanges. However, these are only a portion of the actual market and an increasing number is trading on Internet based platforms that are not complying with regulatory requirements.

In several cases, internet platforms ask the user to create an account with their broker who will guarantee you said percentage of returns. While several binary option platforms have legitimate licensed brokers and give the investor a fair degree of control over their investment such as the assets they want to sell etc., other platforms simply ask permission to invest money and then perform several kinds of frauds. The fraud usually falls under three categories: identity theft; refusal to reimburse money and manipulation of software to generate losing trades.

A lot of these internet based trading platforms are run by unlicensed, disreputable or downright fraudulent brokers. In fact, binary option brokers make money when you lose money. When you predict the future movement of a binary option and you correctly place it, then you’ll receive a profit over your initial investment. If you lose, then you will lose the amount you invested. In most cases, this money will go to the broker and they use this to generate profits for the long run. In fact if all traders win, then brokers will go bankrupt.

This brings to light a specific kind of scam where the brokers intentionally rig the software so that most trades lose. This can be through algorithm modifications and bad quotes. However, this kind of blatant scam is less prevalent because of the nature of the financial market.

What is most prevalent is when fraudulent brokers make unauthorized credit card charges into their trading account. This is because they get paid on the basis of new deposits. If you want to protect yourself from this kind of fraud, then it is advisable to use a credit card instead of a debit card, which can dispute charges in case of frauds.

scams imageThis doesn’t go to say that all binary options are fraudulent. Many binary brokers are legitimate, registered brokers and if they lose money, it can be because of lack of skill in risk management or poor luck. It is extremely important that the investor does prior research before investing heavily in these securities, especially since the binary options market is rife with fraud. The investor can protect himself by noting how these binary options work, how brokers make money out of it and whether or not they can perform the trades themselves.

Independent reviews can be very helpful, but it would be wise to take the reviews with a grain of salt. Even the best binary options platform will have negative reviews because of dissatisfied customers who lost money. This doesn’t necessarily mean that the platform is fraudulent, rather perhaps the investor had poor luck.

Several websites also have blacklists which rate binary options platforms and collect independent reviews from users. If you are interested in trading, then try to gather any ratings or information you can get about your trading platform. Fraudulent platforms are meant to look convincing to get you to invest in it, so it’s up to the investor to see through that and make informed decisions.

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How to get the latest Binary Options news?

Posted by on Oct 17, 2015 in Binary Brokers, Finance |

How to get the latest Binary Options news?


Binary Options Signals is a free apparatus to assist dealers with getting the most recent and nitty gritty data about the exchanging business sector, whether be it ups or downs. This software is helpful in boosting your commission and profit rates up to a whopping 95% an hour, if done are the right procedures and processes.

Though the tool may be for getting latest stock rates and trading numbers, the same can be used to get information regarding the latest news and changes in the respective market of our concern, i.e. trading.

Binary Options Signals provides all latest news

The binary options software is helpful is collection recent news and headlines related to the stock market and other trading branches, as the same are tied with the servers to provide you all the latest information at your disposal.

All the information you are providing is synced with the international servers, located across the country so that you do not miss out any of the latest information. For example if StockPair brokers have a ongoing promotion you’ll be sure to find out as soon as possible.

How to get the latest information?

The how to guide for this feature depends on the software/website version you are using. Following this will be a general guide that will be suitable for most of the software/website version out in the market.

  • Software

Launch the software from the application drawer of your operating system. You will be greeted with a splash screen followed by a login screen. Enter your credentials and hit the login button.

On the main screen, all the latest news and information will be presented to you. The same procedure will apply for the mobile application. Though the slight change might be that instead of displaying information on the main screen, a whole new option will be made available.

  • Website

ln2The user shall log on to the website on which he or she has signed up. Login using the credentials you have opted for during the signup process. Followed by it, navigation to the respective screen has to be made in order to get information to the buzzing topic.

A tip to users is that they can set the information to be display right in front of their eyes, i.e. at the home screen if their provider allows doing so. If yes, the setting menu can be accessed and homepage customization option shall be selected.


There is a catch. If your software or application is entitled against this feature, i.e. if encoded by the company will be this software, and then only you will be able to get information related to the changes in the trading industry.

Some companies charge additional bucks for unlocking this feature. Overall, it means that you need to contact your company and adapt any changes thereafter related to this feature.

If you are yet to settle for any company, then you shall look for the same feature, if necessary for you, in the list of features provided. You may shift from one company to get the feature in the same price segment.


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Binary Options Signals – Get the Latest Trading News

Posted by on Sep 19, 2015 in Finance, Stocks, Trading |

It is very easy to understand the concept of the binary option. Experts recommend binary options signals to maximize your profit. It does not require any specifies skills but it is fully based on the one’s ability of analysis about the share market and it is recommended the most only for those who have a good analysis ability.

A trader should always keep in mind about the all of the influences as there is a number of influences to consider while trading. Predicting about share market is as difficult as predicting one’s future. People with a technical background have an edge over others as they can perform their analysis and research work using technology easily. Trading process is as simple as:

  1. Select the asset and the expiry date.
  2. Specify your investment amount.
  3. Predict whether the market will rise or fall.

But still, it does not seem easy to everyone.

As we all know, stock markets are somehow based on one’s luck also as they are too much unstable and unpredictable. There is a reason behind why some industrialists and scientists research on the factors related to prices and then plot graphs accordingly. It is assumed that it is one of the ways to predict the future of the stocks. But no one knows the actual answer behind this act.


But the question still remains, how to detect the high time for maximizing the profit. The answer to this is the two types of analysis that are technical analysis and the fundamental analysis. Fundamental analysis includes to look for the long-term perspective of the growth like liquidity analysis etc. Whereas the technical analysis looks into the patterns which are discovered in the graphs of previous stock trades so that there could be some idea about the rise or fall of the stock.

Experience plays a very important role for understanding and implementing the above said analysis types, more is the experience, more are the chances for maximized profit. It is very obvious that the ordinary traders or we can say the beginners do not have the main key that is the experience. Here the role of binary options signals come into play. A person can obtain services from a trading expertise that is the experts or the professionals with immense experience. BinaryTilt is one of the best signal providers. Read this BinaryTilt review to get more familiar with the auto-trading system.

They produce realistic assumptions and sort advice.  These pieces of advice can subsequently be conceived in more structures like a textual explanation, a computerized instruction that can be accomplished by the trader or a pattern where the signal could be directly passed to the trading system. Traders usually use the second one.

mistake-876597_640If the signal is textual then the trader should update the trading system by copying data into it and trade accordingly. But in the computerized instruction, the trader has to do nothing except a click. The clicking will further trigger a process through which system places the trade instantly and the process is known as “Auto-Trading”.


In short we can say that, at every moment, professional traders are being followed by binary options signals & binary auto-trading platforms. Sometimes it is free but sometimes it is paid service which helps in maximizing your profit. The paid service is better than the free one as in the free service, person will have to research himself whereas in the paid service, he just has to give money to an expertise and by this he can save time and invest more.

By investing more, on can simply earn more. If you have a binary auto trader software, it handles everything automatically and you just do not need to bother anymore.

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News About The Most Profitable Binary Options Robots for Auto Trading

Posted by on Aug 17, 2015 in All business News, Trading |

News About The Most Profitable Binary Options Robots for Auto Trading

Traders must surely learn something about the general benefits of automated trading systems in the binary options trading before knowing information about the profitable binary options robots for auto trading.

robot news

Automated trading systems can help those traders who are always busy in their work and hence cannot always be available to look up on the trades to achieve higher earnings and profits. These automated systems do the job for you in those times when you are far away from the computer. These trading systems would help in saving you a lot of time and effort and they also replace the trader’s minimum knowledge of financial analysis with an advanced pattern of trading using the trading software which generates signals.

The binary options robots

Most of the binary options trading processes are automatically performed for the users by these binary options robots which use advanced trading techniques. This trading software runs from the cloud and it is programmed to recognize the most common technical trading patterns and also the price indicators and accurately generates the signals which would be a tough task even for an experienced trader.

The risks involved in the trading are significantly reduced when using the binary options robots which are another huge advantage of these robots. This is because the traders can leverage the various buying or selling systems and this does not involve any psychological trading. Hence there is no need to stress about it all the time. Thus the traders can safely make better decisions in the binary options trading using the Binary Options Robot that are also known to be the most profitable auto trading robots in the market.

A useful trading tool for every type of trader

profitable robotThe binary options trading robots are the best and the most useful trading tool, especially for those people who are just beginners in the field of trading? Not only for the beginners and new comers in trading, but also for experienced traders, these binary auto trading robots are an extremely useful tool. These well experienced traders can make use of these robots and hence can save time that they spend all day in front of the computer screen to process and understand the charts and different terms relevant to the process of trading. The binary options robot trading algorithm makes use of an advanced price data analysis which makes sure that higher returns and earnings are achieved in the trading. This is what makes them the most profitable type of auto trading robots in the field of binary options trading.

Available for free on all platforms

The binary options robots is server ran and available to be used on all platforms. This tool is also free of cost and can be used by the traders who would just need to sign up with any of the binary options robots that are featured by the binary options brokers. The users need not perform any other installations which are absolutely not required with this amazing binary options robot tool. Anyone can easily gain access to this binary options robot for the time being and all they need to do is just register for creating an account via the Binary Option Robot link as the already existing accounts will not work.

The most advanced method and the simplest way to cash in on the power of advanced computing for amazing outcomes and benefits is the Binary Option robot. This most profitable automatic trading robot is a wonderful tool which is available for traders and users in a number of countries all over the world through their featured binary options brokers.

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News Trading 101

Posted by on Jun 13, 2015 in Finance, Stocks, Trading |

News Trading 101


If you can properly guess which way price is going to move, trading the news can be very profitable. Price can often move thirty or forty pips very quickly on big news releases, but knowing which way it will move is very much a gamble, so most traders don’t trade the news, as it is just too risky, and you frequently get stopped out, as price moves one way, and then the other. And the thing is that most traders have experienced this effect, when price goes up then down very fast, or the other way around – down then up. So, you always seem to get stopped out no matter which way you trade.

Now we look at the markets in a very different way to ninety percent of traders out there, and we can always see an chance in whatever the market throws at us. You can profit from almost any trading scenario when you understand why the market moves as it does, and trading the news is certainly one of the hardest things to make money from, if you don’t understand what is happening to price. Now we are won’t go into the pros and cons of price action, but we would like to give you a simple but valuable strategy for trading the news.

Stock Market Newspaper

If you think about what happens in a whipsaw, price moves down, stops out long traders or price moves up, stops out short traders. Now you know price is going up, to stop out shorts, and you know it will go down to stop out longs, so this is what you can do. The thing is that you can enter two trades, one short, one long, as close as you can to the mid price of the move that will lead up to the whipsaw. This would be the middle black line if you look at the screenshot. You set a take profit on both trades of ten to fifteen pips to be safe. So, if the news is big you can go for more, and you will get a larger whipsaw, for example an interest rate decision.

The important part is not to set a stop loss. And your take profit becomes the stop loss. The thing is that most of the traders will trade this with a stop loss, so you can trade it with a take profit rather than a stop loss. Price goes down hits your take profit – price goes up, hits your take profit. As price is hitting some other traders stop losses, it is also hitting your take profits. However, because you trade without a stop loss, it doesn’t matter which way price will go first, you aren’t going to get stopped out, and you will only get your take profit hit.

A lot of our trading is based mostly on market logic, and this strategy is a logical way you can trade this type of news release. We hope that this has been enjoyable reading, and made you think about the market a little bit in a different way. Making money from trading is all about understanding what is happening on the chart, and thinking outside of the box.

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News Trading

Posted by on Apr 1, 2015 in All business News, Trading Strategy |

News Trading

Why trade the news?

We assume that all of us know the answer on that question – To make more money!

However, in all significance, news is a very significant part to the forex market because it has a big potential to make it move!

When news comes out, especially important news that everyone is watching, you could almost expect to see some most important movement. Now, your goal as a forex trader is to get on the correct side of the move, but the fact that you know the market will most probably move somewhere makes it an opportunity certainly worth looking at.

Dangers of Trading the News

With any trading strategy, there are always likely dangers that you should be aware of.

Now we are going to show you some of those dangers:

Because the forex market is very unpredictable throughout important news events, a lot of dealers widen the spread through these times. That increases trading costs and could hurt your bottom line.

Also, you could get – locked out – and that means that your trade could be executed at the right time but could not show up in your trading station for a few minutes. And that can be bad for you because if the trade moves against you, the thing s that you will not be able to make any changes!what_broker_banner

Imagine for example, thinking you did not get started, so you attempt to enter at market… and then you understand that your unique ordered got triggered! The thing is that you would be risking twice as much now!

Also you could experience slippage. It occurs when you wish to enter the market at a certain price, but because of the extreme instability through these events, you get filled at a far different price in fact.

Big market moves made by news events often do not move in one direction. Many times the market could start flying in one direction, just to be whipsawed back in the other direction. It can sometimes be a headache to try to find the right direction. Profitable as it may be, you should know that trading the news is not easy. It will take really a lot of practice. And when we say a lot of practice, we mean it. Don’t trust all online brokers, before deciding which online broker you should chose you may want to use some of the useful sites that can scan your broker for fraud. Here is an example of scan for magnum options scam, that is an example of a good broker.

Glass Globe on Euro NotesThe most important thing is that you must always have a plan in place. There are 2 main ways to trade the news:

  1. Having a directional bias
  2. Having a non-directional bias

You expect price to move a positive direction, and you have got your orders in already when you have a directional bias.

When news is released, it is always good to understand the fundamental reasons why the market moves in a certain direction.

You do not care in which way will price head when you have a non-directional bias. The only thing you want is to get triggered.

Straddle trades are so-called the non-directional bias setups.

So, if you want to trade news, you can make money, but you need to be careful. Read through these steps in order to make it easier for yourself.

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How To Trade Forex On News Releases

Posted by on Mar 28, 2015 in All business News, Forex Brokers, Trading Strategy |

How To Trade Forex On News Releases

Financial information has a tendency to be a standout amongst the most imperative impetuses for transient developments in any business sector; however this is especially valid in the currency market, which reacts not just to U.S. monetary news, additionally to news from far and wide. With no less than eight currencies accessible for exchanging at most currency agents and more than 17 subsidiaries of them, there is constantly some bit of financial information slated for discharge that merchants can use to illuminate the positions they take. For the most part, no less than seven bits of information are discharged every day from the eight currencies or nations that are most nearly taken after. So for the individuals who decide to exchange news, there are a lot of chances. Here we take a gander at which financial news discharges are discharged when, which are most important to forex merchants, and how dealers can follow up on this business sector moving information.

Exchanging news is harder than it may sound. Is the reported agreement figure imperative, as well as so are the whisper number and the corrections? Additionally, a few discharges are more essential than others; this can be measured regarding both the essentialness of the nation discharging the information and the significance of the discharge in connection to alternate bits of information being discharged in the meantime. Contingent upon the current condition of the economy, the relative significance of these discharges may change. Case in point, unemployment may be more imperative not long from now than exchange or investment rate choices. Hence, it is critical to continue top of what the business sector is concentrating on right now.

 To what extent does the Effect Last?

 As per a study by Martin E. and Richard L. distributed in the Journal of International Money and Finance, the business could in any case be retaining or responding to news discharges hours, if not days, after they are discharged. The study found that the impact on returns by and large happens in the first or second day, yet the effect does appear to wait until the fourth day. The effect on request stream, then again, is still exceptionally declared on the third day is still noticeable on the fourth day.

 How Do I Actually Trade News?

 dicenewspaperThe most widely recognized approach to exchange news is to search for a time of solidification in front of a major number and to simply exchange the breakout on the back of the number. This could be possible on both a transient intraday premise and an everyday schedule. How about we take a gander at the diagram in Figure 2 as a case. After a frail number in September, the business was holding its breath in front of the October number, which was to be discharged to the general population in November. In the 17 hours prior to the discharge, the Euro/US dollar was bound to a tight 30-pip exchanging reach. For news dealers, this would have given an awesome chance to put on a breakout exchange, particularly since the probability of a sharp move right now was to a great degree high.

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